Get the Designer Look for your Home

Noguchi coffee table

Sprucing up your decor can be as simple as adding a few key focal furniture pieces. The Eames lounge chair would be a great first piece to your new look! Not only are they comfortable, but they are very classy and sophisticated. If you were to go to the New York’s Museum of Modern Art, you wold find that part of their permanent collection is comprised of examples of Eames chairs. What is an Eames lounge chair, you’re probably asking. Well, it was originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller Furniture Company.
The Eames lounge chair and ottoman are made of leather and molded plywood. They are chic and comfortable.

This brand of lounge chair was actually the first type that the Eameses had designed for a high-end market, but it a product available for all. You have probably seen examples of them on the show Mad Men where big time ad producers spend time in their offices and designer chairs. This also wouldn’t be the first time an Eames chair would find itself on the screen. The Arlene Francis ‘Home’ show, which was broadcast on the NBC television Network, was the first show where the Eames Lounge Chair made its appearance in 1956.

If you still aren’t sold on the designer chair, there is also the ghost chair for a more minimal look. While still designer, it will add an element of class to your dining room with its sea through appearance. You can check out many designer chairs for sale online or on specific company websites. For instance, by going to the Tolix website you could see all the products Tolix offers, especially there very popular Tolix stool. It has a sleek and modern look that can be added to an office, kitchen or bar. If you are redoing your living room, the Noguchi coffee table would be another great addition. With its glass top and geometric legs it is definitely a conversation piece.

Chairs were once mostly used for the nobleman back in Medieval timees,or for people higher up in society. These chairs were most notably called thrones, and the lower people of society were to sit on the floor or to be perched on backless stools. Since this is no longer the case in our society, why not treat yourself like royalty with one of these great furniture pieces.

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