Three Important Factors While Choosing High Visibility Workwear

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In the United States, nearly 5,000 workers are killed on the job as a result of a workplace accident every day. This equals more than 13 humans that won’t be able to go home to their families because of an avoidable workplace accident every single day.

Although statistics are hard to pin down because there are usually more than one unsafe work conditions at play when a tragedy like this occurs, one huge factor in that startling statistic is the visibility of workers in any work site. Other workers in the area don’t realize that their is a person in the way when they are operating heavy equipment, and you do the math…

This is why it is so important that workers have access to hi vis coats and jackets and other brightly colored workwear on the job, so all humans in the area can be seen and are accounted for. When purchasing hi vis coats and jackets for your team, there are several factors to consider:

Three Important Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing High Visibility Workwear

  1. Shop To Be Seen

    Have you ever wondered why the stars who end up on Vogue Magazine’s “Worst Dressed List” leave the house wearing what they’re wearing? The truth is, many of them are actually wearing statement outfits (albeit so very ugly) in order to draw attention to themselves, to get themselves in Vogue. Take the same approach while choosing your hi vis coats and jackets and other neon workwear. No we aren’t saying your team needs to wear fashion nightmares, but choose hi vis colors that contrast with the area you’ll work in, so the workers present draw attention to themselves.

    The right color palette for your hi vis workwear depends on the environment you work in. If your team is doing construction in a urban setting, you want them to wear florescent yellows and lime greens, and colors that match the street signs (which are the color they are because it draws the most attention). If your team is working out in the woods and you need to stand out against greens and yellows, you should choose hi vis workwear in neon orange. If your team is operating heavy machinery in a neon colored balloon factory (for a very common example…), think about using black safety vests that contrast the fluorescent colors.
  2. Be Practical About Your High Visibility Gear

    Yes, the main function of the hi vis gear is to be seen, but it can serve additional purposes as well. For instance, making your team wear a mesh vest in snow conditions wouldn’t be safe for them. If you work in cold weather, get your team hi vis coats and jackets that provide visibility and warmth.

    In fact, there is florescent safety rain apparel that meets several needs in one: First, you have the florescent colors and reflective tape that ensures they can be seen, even if the weather adds to the lack of visibility. Second, the rain gear keeps your workers dry while working in wet weather. And third, when a work environment is wet, you have a heightened risk of slipping and falling. Getting hi vis gear that is slip resistant prevents that. Three birds, one stone my friend.

  3. Think Quality Over Cost

    We know. We know. As a business owner, every cost is money out of your pocket. You might feel inclined to suit your team up in cheap-quality hi vis gear to save yourself a few nickels, right? This seems like a prudent choice, but it is not. In fact, this is the opposite of a good choice.

    When you give your team high visibility gear that is cheap because the manufacturers cut corners, you’re taking a risk. If the reflective coating chips off (or is never there to begin with), your workers might assume they can be seen when they really can’t. When workers assume they are working in safe conditions when they aren’t, it’s actually more dangerous than if they weren’t wearing safe gear to begin with. You can’t put a price on a safe work environment; there are better ways to save money than skimping on safety.

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