Tips for Helping Military Families When You Are Low on Funds

Pick up clothing donations

Studies show that the majority of Americans are appreciative of and support our troops. We value our soldiers and the sacrifices that they give up for the protection of our freedom. Most people, if given the opportunity, would show their support and would participate in helping military families. However, many either do not have the funds available or know how to help in other ways. There are actually many ways that you can participate in helping military families, many of which do not cost much, if anything.

Spread awareness

If you are aware of any military charities that provide military and their families with funding, donations, and assistance, spread awareness. If people are not aware of the organization, they are unable to donate either money or time. Share information on your social media accounts, specifically pointing out items that are in need. Let others know of specific military families that require assistance. If possible, spread awareness at your church, school, or work. Let others know alternative ways they can help.

Share your time

Your time can be just as valuable as your money. Volunteer your spare time in helping military families. Your time can be used in a variety of beneficial ways, including volunteering for charitable events, organizing charitable activities, or spending your spare time notifying others of the charity. Even taking the time to go through your house for unwanted items to donate can be a beneficial use of your spare time. An estimated 80% of donated clothing in the United States is used by charitable organizations for donation to the needy, and for funding. Turn your spare time into funds for a local military charity.

Donate unused clothing items

It is very likely that you have numerous clothing items in your house that you no longer want, or need. You can do your part in helping military families by ensuring that they have sufficient clothing, for all seasons of the year. Used clothing donations are especially helpful for military families with young children, who are constantly going through clothing items as they grow. Especially beneficial clothing donations include shoes, winter coats, and business interview items. These are also some of the items that many people overlook when donating.

Unused clothing items can also be turned into other useful household items. Of the roughly 2 million tons of used clothing Americans recycle each year, less than half is every worn again. About 30% is cut up for use as industrial rags, and another 20% is shredded for couch stuffing and home insulation. The next time you throw a clothing item out, because you are sure no one will wear it, remember the alternative uses it can be used for.

Donate household items

Many people who donate also overlook the need for household items. Charitable donations are also needed for things like appliances, furniture, and even vehicles. There are charities that pick up donations for these larger household items, so you never have to worry about transporting heavy items. You can also arrange a charity pickup for your clothing items, saving you the trip and the transportation of having to carry multiple bags of clothing to your local charity. Other important household items to consider donating include can openers, kitchen and bathroom towels, home decoration items, toiletries, entertainment items, children?s entertainment items, and electronics. In many cases, you can even reduce your tax liability when donating these types of objects.

Approximately 95.4% of Americans participate at some level of charitable giving. Even with this high number though, many Americans wish that they could do more to help out our countries? soldiers and their families. There are more ways to donate than simply donating money. Those who want to participate in helping military families can also spread awareness of local charity organizations, donate time in planning fundraising events, donate unused household appliances and furniture, and arrange clothes donations. All of these charitable efforts turn items into funds, allowing local military charities to continue helping out military families.

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