Three Easy Ways to Make Higher Quality Custom Tee Shirts For as Much as You’re Already Spending

T shirt screen printing

The whole point of making custom tees is to get people to wear them, and raise brand awareness, to essentially turn people into walking billboards. In order to do that, you need to make custom tees that people will want to wear. The only problem is that you’re no fashion designer, nor a graphic designer, and you don’t have the budget to afford one.

What are you to do?

Simple — be choosy. Here are a few tips anyone can use to make better custom tees.

High-Quality Ink.

First of all, you need to find a shirt printing service that only uses high-quality ink. Cheaper stuff will quickly fade and eventually wash out, which means that in a matter of weeks, the shirt will look pretty rundown, and the message will have faded. Why would anyone want to wear cheap custom tees that look like they’re ready to be thrown away? High quality inks, on the other hand, will stand the test of time, and continue to spread your message for as long as the person owns and wears the shirt.

Superior Custom Tee Material.

One of the most important things you can do to get people to wear your tees is to choose a quality tee material. Cheap custom tees simply don’t feel or look as nice to wear. They’re kind of rough, stain easily, and wear out quickly. Higher quality shirt material is softer, more stain resistant, and won’t wear out. It’ll only get softer in the wash. Basically, people will want to wear it more.

Keeping It Simple.

Now, this all sounds rather counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? The whole point of making cheap custom tee shirts was to market your business without breaking the bank. Fortunately, choosing higher-quality inks and materials doesn’t have to. The key is to make a simple design, and do a smaller run if necessary. That way you can save on ink, and can keep the total cost limited to as much as you might have spent had you chosen to go for cheap.

Although there less people will have your shirts, this method will ensure that more people wear your shirts, which is the entire point, isn’t it?

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