Finding the Right Style Cowboy Boots, from Western Riding Boots to Work Boots

Western style boots

Face it: you can’t get the true cowboy look with a pair of tennis shoes. Footwear is just as important as the iconic cowboy hat and other western fashion accessories. But not all cowboy boots are the same, and some styles can have very different purposes.

If you’re looking fora great pair of western style boots, use these three criteria to determine which type you need.

For everyday wear or going out:

Traditional western style boots are ideal in terms of style for both men and women. Some things that make these boots unique are the heel height, which can vary from a slight lift to a full on high heel, and the height of the boot itself. Cowboy boots can take the form of ankle boots or go all the way up to the knees. The toes on cowboy boots tend to be narrower, so they are made more for style than for labor. Additionally, they come in all different colors and patterns to suit the most discerning tastes.

For work:

Ranchers and laborers, whether they work indoors or outside, need work boots that will protect them on the job. Western style work boots often have the appearance of cowboy boots, but they are far less tight and tend to have lower heels. Western work boots should also have a steel toe to make them appropriate for more hazardous job sites.

For riding and ranching:

Western riding boots are designed with horseback riding in mind, so they’re perfect for equestrians and ranchers alike. Some western riding boots will come up high on the shin or to the knee, and these are ideal for those who participate in equestrian sports. Other styles are made more similarly to work boots and will offer stability around the ankle and protection above the toes. For those who prefer more casual horseback riding, there are western riding boots that come up to the ankle and are made more for comfort rather than style.

Above all, ensure that the boots you choose are appropriate for the activity you will participate in. In addition to style, comfort is also important, so make sure that the boots have a proper fit. Leather is the optimal choice for those who want the best quality; just remember to brush dirt from the leather after wearing them and shine them with a sponge when necessary. Need more help choosing the right western style boots? Leave a comment below, or find a western wear retailer.

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