The Many Uses of Flowers

Flowering plants have existed since the late Cretaceous Period, and for millennia, flowers have had many symbolic meanings in human cultures around the world. It is safe to say that humanity cares a great deal about flowers, even though they aren’t typically edible. Flowers are often used to represent ideas, organizations, or even royalty, such as the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan or the Lancasters and Yorks of 15th century England (the War of the Roses). For everyday consumers today, flowers represent not noble houses, but rather, flowers make for great gifts and decoration. Many holidays call for giving flowers as gifts, and these plants can decorate a joyful event such as a wedding or soften a somber one like a funeral. Having flowers delivered is a great idea for these events, and wedding bouquets can be bought from large local florists. A customer in Maryland, to name one example, may look up “dundalk florist shop near me” or “florist in baltimore near me”.

Flowers as Gifts

Often, Americans send and receive flowers as gifts, and a number of holidays or personal occasions may call for some flowers. Most often, a person may look up “dundalk florist shop” or “boston florists” to find a gift for women and girls, and this is a big business. A small Dundalk florist shop, or a big one in Los Angeles, is part of a pretty big business. It has been found that every year, the American florist industry earns $7 billion, and over 36,000 florist businesses (big and small) can be found across the United States today. A Dundalk florist shop or a Baltimore florist will be part of an industry that employs over 90,400 Americans today.

Who gets flowers, and when? Three of the biggest flower holidays are Mother’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate moms across the nation, and florists may enjoy great profits as Americans buy bouquets and floral arrangements for the mothers in their lives. These arrangements may vary widely in the flowers that they contain, and flowers of all different shapes may make each bouquet unique. Meanwhile, Valentine’s Day is another big floral holiday, typically where men buy roses for their girlfriends or wives. Red roses are a nearly universal symbol of romantic love, and Valentine’s Day may see many bouquets of them sold. In fact, it is believed that close to 14% of women will buy roses on Valentine’s Day and send those flowers to themselves.

Often, it is women who receive flowers as gifts, and they greatly appreciate these floral gifts. Surveys show that 86% of people feel that receiving flowers makes them feel special, and 88% of survey respondents said that getting flowers improves their mood. In fact, 92% of women report taht they remember the last time they received flowers as a gift. And it is practically universally held that sending flowers as a gift is a thoughtful thing to do.

Finding a Florist for the Job

When should someone look up local florists? It is already clear that customers (often men) will visit florists to get bouquets for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, but what about special events? A customer may approach local florists for a wedding, bridal shower, or a funeral. Some events call for a lot of flowers, to customers may look up the largest florists in the area who can offer a lot of flowers at once.

A wedding will have many flowers, such as the bouquets that the bride and bridesmaids will carry during the ceremony. That, and the ceremony’s own decorations may include flower bunches or arrangements, and the same is true of the reception. Each table at the reception meal may include a small bouquet in a glass jar or vase as a centerpiece. And before the wedding, the bride may enjoy a bridal shower with her bridesmaids, friends, mother, sisters, and others, and the decor may include streamers, flowers, balloons, and more. Finally, a large floral shop may be asked to provide flowers for a funeral, such as decorating the wake. Flowers can soften the somber mood of a funeral, and some flowers are specifically associated with funerals. Flower bouquets can be laid at a grave as a tribute to the deceased, too.

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