Small Steps Towards Helping The Environment

There is no doubting the fact that our environment is in trouble. Over the course of recent years, global warming has been escalating dramatically indeed. As a matter of fact, real change needs to happen soon if we are going to be able to continue to live in the way that we desire. Combating global warming can seem like a hugely daunting thing, one that most people just are not prepared to take on and deal with. Fortunately, however, there are steps that each and every person can take to do just that. Here in the United States in particular, there are ways that just about every single one of us will be able to limit the mark that we make on this planet.

For one thing, reducing consumption is a great way to do this, as is buying from ethical brands. Avoiding fast fashion is ideal, as fast fashion business tend to produce clothing unethically, using methods that are a huge drain on our planet’s resources. Fortunately, there are a growing number of brands out there to help mitigate this damage, brands that are committed to the integrity and overall sustainability of their products. Shopping at such brands is a great way to “vote with your dollar,” so to speak. Avoiding fast fashion purchases is another way to do just this.

Of course, you should donate clothing when you are done with them, as most of us will be at some point or another. At the current date, taking the time to donate clothing is far less common than it should be, with only around 15% of all clothing ending up donated and not in the landfill. The same holds true for many other textile products, and around ten and a half million tons of textile waste is created each and every year. However, charitable clothing donations are growing more and more popular, given that it has become easier to donate clothing than ever before.

For one thing, there are more charities to donate clothing to than ever. Organizations that accept clothing donations are many, ranging from the American Red Cross to wounded veterans charities geared towards helping military families. Choosing to donate clothes to such an organization not only helps out people who are in need, but helps to reduce the amount of textile waste that you create. As the average person living in this country will create more than 80 pounds of such over the course of just one single year, reducing this amount is something that can have a big impact on the planet – in a positive way.

And you should donate clothing even if they are not able to be worn again. While nearly half of all clothing donations are worn again as clothing, there are many other reasons to donate clothes as well. For instance, nearly one third of all clothing donations are used as industrial rags. In addition to this, up to one fifth of all donated clothing will end up as either furniture stuffing or even home insulation. It is clear to see that there are many reasons to donate clothing. For many people, the primary reason to donate clothing is simply to prevent it from ending up in a landfill.

Of course, there are more ways to reduce your overall waste than simply taking the time to donate clothing – as important as it is to donate clothing, as has been discussed above. Reducing your overall production of trash is something else that will be hugely beneficial for the environment. After all, the average American person will create up to four and a half pounds of trash each and every single day. You can reduce this amount by avoiding products that come in a lot of plastic and reusing what you can, such as avoiding straws and bringing your own fork to fast food restaurants.

At the end of the day, it might seem like we are fighting a losing battle. However, if everyone takes the time to make change in their lives, there are a great many ways in which we can fight back against issues like global warming. Taking the time to donate clothing is one such way, but there are many others too.

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