It’s Time to Switch to Solid Wood Hangers

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got a few different types of hangers in your closet. There may be some wire hangers, some velvet designs, plastic, acrylic hangers — maybe some clothes hanging off the bar, and so on. Closets have a way of getting messy, and clothes have a way of falling off of hangers, getting stretched out, and slipping and sliding. That’s because you’ve been using the wrong hangers. It’s time to upgrade to wood hangers, and take your closet to a whole new level.

Wood Hangers vs. All the Rest

Even if you haven’t seen “Mommie Dearest,” you’ve probably seen or heard about the famous scene where Faye Dunaway is screaming “no more wire hangers!” Trying to keep clothes organized can be a little crazy-making, and wire hangers really aren’t great for clothing items. Wooden hangers are the best option for every closet for a number of reasons.

Wood is far more durable and stronger than plastic or acrylic hangers. It’s also less slippery than other hanger materials, so clothes won’t slip off of wooden hangers so easily. Wooden hangers are designed not to have any give. They maintain their structure to keep clothes support. This keeps clothes from sagging and getting stretched out while they’re hanging in your closet.

Inside the Average Closet

Sets of hangers are a must-have item for everyone. Research shows that the average American woman owns about 30 outfits. That’s one outfit for every day of a calendar month. In 1930, the average Amerian woman owned 9 outfits. Times have certainly changed. Now, you need more hangers than ever. And it’s easy to find your closet stuffed with hangers made from everything from cardboard to cloth, but wooden hangers are definitely your best option for all of your 30 (or more) outfits.

Over the course of one lifetime, you’ll spend a total of 3,680 hours — the equivalent of 153 days — looking for lost items. How many of those hours are going to be spent on your hands and knees, looking around on the floor of your closet for that blouse that you know you own? Make the switch to wood hangers to keep your clothes in place and hanging beautifully, and you can start shaving hours off that total right now. Because after all, you definitely have better things to do with your time.

Only about 20 percent of the clothes you have hanging in your closet get worn on any regular basis, according to an interview from the “Wall Street Journal.” The rest of the time, your clothes are hanging around and waiting. Shouldn’t they be doing it on high-quality solid wood hangers that keep your clothing in place so that it doesn’t sag, stretch, slip, or fall? Shouldn’t your clothes rest on strong, sturdy material? The answer is a resounding yes because you and your clothes deserve the best. So upgrade to wooden hangers, and you won’t wind up screaming about hangers in the middle of the night — we hope!

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