Sick of Everything You Have in Your Closet? Try This One Easy Trick

Hats are making a comeback in the fashion world. From floppy, wide-brimmed sunhats in the summer to beanies in the fall and winter, hats are becoming part of the “look” again. If you’re looking for caps for ponytails, try a sporty chic baseball cap, which can work in just about any season! Cute logo wear has also come back in, whether on a long sleeve shirt or tee shirt, girls’ baseball caps, or sleepwear. Women’s fashion is constantly changing, but there are some staples that are just practical, in addition to being fun, and likely won’t go out of style anytime soon. Caps for ponytails are one of these things, though they’ve gotten a fun, fresh, feminine edge in recent years. Shake up your usual look by trying out a hat!

How Do I Find a Hat I Like?

No one trend is going to work for everyone. The most important thing is that it fits and you like the way it looks on you (obviously). One of the key things here is to try on a few different types of hats — and don’t get discouraged. If it’s more for utility, than fashion (say, if you’re shopping for cold weather accessories), you want to make sure that it fits snugly (so as not to be blown off by any wintery gusts) and is warm.

If it’s for an event, you want to consider what the event is and choose appropriately. Something too ornate might not be appropriate if it’s a rather low-key event, whereas you would never show up wearing a baseball cap at a wedding.

Depending on the hat, you should also take your face shape into consideration. Some hat shapes may make your face look too broad or your head too small. And fit is always important — you don’t want it slipping down over your eyes or being forced to constantly readjust.

How Do I Get Out of the Outfit Doldrums?
The estimate for a woman who lives to 80 is that she will spend around $125,000 on clothes and accessories. And yet, around 60% of women say that they have a tough time finding a cute new look regularly — in fact, on a daily basis. Many women have viewed a closet full of clothes and wailed, “I have nothing to wear!” However, sometimes all it takes is a fresh new perspective.

Accessorizing — with a hat, jewelry, a scarf, and so on — can take an outfit you’ve worn a million times into something interesting and new. Tired of jeans and a t-shirt? Put your hair up in a sleek ponytail, pull it through a cute ballcap, and put in some fun hoops. Now you’re rocking a sporty chic outfit. (Bonus: caps for ponytails will keep the ponytail from blowing into your face.)

Worn the same black dress a million times? Throw a colorful pair of shoes with it, add a matching pop of color with jewelry, and find a fun, patterned scarf. You might get a whole new wave of compliments.

How to Build a Great Base Wardrobe

Caps for ponytails and accessories can only go so far though. Ideally, you’ll have a good basic wardrobe to work off of. Think about pieces that are classic and never really go out of style — the little black dress, a great fitting pair of jeans, a button down, a pencil skirt, and so on, and make sure you have those in your closet. Try out new trends, but don’t let them overwhelm your closet. In some cases, those will be out within a season.

Neutrals mean you can mix and match with just about everything, but vibrant, jewel tones can add a hint of sophistication and pastels pull together a soft, feminine look, so don’t forget about adding some color to your closet too.

Look at your closet with a new eye when you add in accessories and revamp your wardrobe with these easy tricks! Don’t be afraid to be a little daring — you might be surprised at what you end up loving!

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