Reusable Bags Come In All Shapes — Why Not Wine?

How often is it that we walk out of the liquor store with a mixture of paper and plastic bags that are simply going back to our holds to take up space and clog room in our draws and closets? There is nothing more frustrating than having a bag of bags that we don’t know what to do with. Not to mention the fact that these “convenient” plastic bags happen to take anywhere from 15 to 1,000 years to decompose at the landfill. This just seems like a large waste of even the environments time! However, there are alternatives out there that prevent this sorted clutter from taking place in our homes and from taking place inside of our landfills. These creations that help us to fulfill our green duties are reusable bags. Reusable bags can come in many different shapes and sizes from grocery bags to even wine bags! Who wouldn’t want to carry around their own custom wine bag? Wouldn’t think make things so much easier than the looks that come along with that typical brown paper bag of shame?

What is so bad about plastic bags?

The benefits of reusable bags include the fact that plastic bags are not biodegradable. They fill the landfill and take forever to go away. They are one of the biggest dangers to our environment. Another problem? Our poor wild life! Studies have shown that more and more of our animals get stuck in plastic bags every day. Do you know how much of our wild life has suffocated due to the fact that their curious minds lead them to climbing into the bags to investigate what is inside of them? With so many of these plastic bags taking up room in our atmosphere, there are animals every day dying because of this.

What are the benefits of reusable bags?

Without the burden of having to buy plastic and paper bags a business can invest the thousand they once spent on these methods of product transportation on things that really matter and that they can truly benefit from. You’d be doing a service to the environment, saving our wild life and our land fills. Finally, reusable shopping bags can even be used as a way to promote businesses! With custom bags that get reused these logos can be carried around and used in other places as well. Why not promote your winery with a custom wine bag that makes anyone who sees it ask about how the consumer enjoyed their wine from your establishment. That’s one way to garner new attention into your winery and business!

Not to mention the fact that these reusable bags? They can even be insulated bags! Instead of carrying around a whole cooler that takes up a ton of room in the backseat and gets shuffled around to the point where the ice has all melted and it is leaking all over the car, a simple insulated bag could do the trick in one easy to carry way. How much easier to transport cold items would it be for your customers if they had an insulated cooler tote to put all of their cold items in? The thought of limiting the rush home to some busy individuals can be a blessing. Or even storing their chilled wine in a custom wine bag for a night out with the girls (or guys) would be made even easier to pop the bubbly open without having to wait for it to chill first in a fridge.

Custom reusable bags are a great value to your customers and the environment! To not have plastic bags cluttering every room of the house is something that many customers may even thank you for! But more than that, these custom bags benefit a business in too many ways to count. Especially if it is a custom wine bag that gets people discussing the type of wine the bag once carried, no one can ever go wrong on that front now can they?

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