Renting Linens for Weddings? Pay Attention to These 3 Features

Renting linens for a wedding reception

Most couples who are getting married want everything to be perfect. From the flower arrangements to the photography, all the details need to be set for the big day. One detail that may get overlooked, however, is the use of wedding linen rentals for the tables and chairs.

Are you getting married soon? If so, you may need linens for weddings and other special events, even if you happen to be holding your wedding at a banquet hall or other rented venue. Before choosing your linens for weddings and events, make sure you consider these three factors before you place your order:

  • Color: This, perhaps more than anything else, is what most couples will consider when choosing wedding linen rentals for the big day. Many couples actually choose more than one color for their theme, usually at least two or three, in fact. This is a good way to tie together your linens, decorations, and even the outfits for the bridal party, so make sure you’re choosing the right hues. This doesn’t just include wedding tablecloths but also chair covers, table runners, sashes, napkins, and more. In addition to solid colors, you may also be able to rent linens with stripes, checkers, and chevrons on them for a bold theme.
  • Size: Which kinds of tables and chairs will you have for your reception? This is a question you’ll have to ask your vendor in order to determine which order you need to make. If you aren’t quite sure which size linens you need, make sure to measure the tables and take pictures of the chairs. This will help your rental service determine what you’ll need to make your ceremony perfect.
  • Texture: Not many people think about the type of fabric for their table linens, but this can actually give your reception its own unique look. While typical table cloths will be made from cotton, there are a number of other fabrics to choose from, from sheer organza to silks and satin. Even combining fabrics like burlap and lace can give a wedding an earthy yet delicate feeling. If you need to, try experimenting with different fabrics and shades for a one-of-a-kind look.

What do you need for your wedding? Be sure to discuss your options for tablecloth and chair cover rentals as soon as possible, so you can ensure that the linens for weddings that you need will be available for your big day.

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