How Important Is Fashion? Find Out, Here

Custom made sweatshirts

Depending on the kind of person you are, wardrobe and fashion may not be your top priorities. For some, it doesn’t matter if their clothes match or if their colors coordinate correctly; for these people, clothes are just a social necessity.

Nonetheless, for a majority of Americans, the way people dress tends to leave an impression on what type of people they are. For instance, if you see a guy in camouflage and dog-tags, it’s likely he’s interested in the military. Similarly, if you find a girl fully clad in a business suit, it’s probably safe to assume she’s a career woman.

Indeed, although we’ve been taught not to judge a book by its cover, how people choose to style themselves really sends a message out to those who see them. If you dress seriously, more people will respect you. If you dress like a vagabond, you might be treated like a slacker.

For your own lifestyle, how do you want to be represented?

A lot of people dress based on their moods, while others dress for their jobs or social positions. For instance, in colleges all across the country, over 800 campuses are actively involved in a culture known as Greek Life. Greek Life focuses on the ins-and-outs of fraternities and sororities.

A huge part of Greek Life includes fundraising for social events. In fact, as undergrads, Greeks managed to raise over $7 million for charities. Annually, Greeks promote fundraising with parties, custom clothing, bake sales, as well as sponsored sports games and walks.

Specifically, when it comes to Greek clothing, for the many fashionable Greeks hoping to design your own hoodies, custom clothing lines can help you do just that! For design ideas, a good place to start is stitching: for Greek letters, satin stitches and zigzag are the most popular stitching patterns, so you can select what suits you. With regards to its modern and classical forms, there are a total of 24 letters in the Greek alphabet, arranged all the way from alpha to omega. Once you’ve finally joined the realm of Greek Life, then you can go get your letters sealed.

In America, 9 million people make up a total of 123 fraternities and sororities. Nationwide, Greek Life centers upon bonding rituals, philanthropy, and exclusive networking privileges. For Greeks, aside from their own personal achievements, they can get ahead based on who they know.

Because Greeks have a massive power in their influence, strategic fashion statements can really get people talking. Markedly, with the right financial backing, Greeks can design custom hats, personalized apparel, as well as custom made sweats. Whether you want to design your own hoodies or custom workwear, Greek Life can bring attention to certain trends and styles.

In America, the profits of decorated and branded apparel are upwards of $8 billion; as an industry, it’s worth $40 billion.

Clearly, if you want to design your own hoodies or customized clothing, all you have to do is find the right printing services to help you get it done!

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