Q Are People Really Wearing Pajama Onesies For Adults? A Duh

Adult onesie pajama

Pajamas are weird. There, we said it. In days gone by men and women wore strange, Ebeneezer Scrooge-style nightshirts, while we dress children up in ridiculous (but adorable) footie pajamas for bedtime. And since the average U.S. adult sleeps for eight-and-a-half hours each night, it’s worth your money to invest in a comfortable set of pajamas.

In a survey, 74% of Americans self-reported wearing pajamas to bed, while 8% went commando. And in a counter-intuitive finding, men go a full two weeks before washing pajamas, while women go even longer (17 days on average). This decade, we’re seeing a resurgence in pajama options for adults. First, there was the Snuggie, and now, pajamas onesies are having their moment in the sun in the moonlight.

While some grownups might feel awkward rediscovering the joys of pajamas onesies for adults, it’s a bit silly to feel self-conscious about clothing no one will see you wearing. Whether it’s the comfort factor, the nostalgia factor, or the just plain awesome factor, more and more Americans are stepping back into their pajamas onesies. And for the particularly adventurous, there are even animal onesie pajamas for adults to enjoy.

Of course, many people buy footed pajamas for men and women as gifts. In fact, these adorable relics from your childhood are so popular as gifts, they’ve even been included in red carpet gift bags at events like the Oscars! And while we can’t quite imagine Meryl Streep or Daniel Day Lewis stepping into pajamas onesies, hundreds of other celebs have shared social media pictures of themselves putting on their pajama onesies just like everyone else — one leg at a time. Actually, scratch that, we totally can imagine Meryl Streep wearing pajamas onesies for women. Do you think you’re better than Meryl Streep? You’re too good for pajama onesies?

So for bachelorette parties, family reunions, stocking stuffers, gift bags, gift gags, and for comfort, pajamas onesies are here to stay.

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