Project a Professional Look With Custom Work Shirts

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If you run a small business that requires employees to move around and maybe get a little bit dirty, requiring less formal attire is usually the most appropriate option. At the same time, you want to promote the most professional image possible. If this sounds like your business, attractive, clean, and custom work shirts can be an affordable solution.

Food service, landscaping, appliance delivery, and home maintenance are a few examples of industries where less formal work attire is usually most ideal. Since workers in each of these industries spend their days around grease, dirt, dust, or sweat, issuing them custom shirts with the company logo is the perfect solution for your uniform needs. Additionally, custom t-shirt printing is inexpensive enough to issue each employee more than one. This way there is no reason for anyone to show up at work with an unlaundered uniform.

Whether you prefer screen printed t-shirts, custom printed sweatshirts, or other styles of custom work shirts, simple customized shirts will allow your employees to project a positive image of your business. While it is easy to find cheap custom t shirt printing services, you have to be certain that the quality is good enough to stand up to frequent machine washing.

Among the different types of t-shirt customization methods, custom screen printing is by far the most durable and longest-lasting. The art of screen printing is called “serigraphy.” Since the screen printing process employs a flatbed screen press, ink blocks, and pressure to transfer images directly into the fabric of the shirt, it will not peel or rub off, which is usually the case with low quality iron-on techniques.

Screen printed custom work shirts are a simple and effective option for outfitting your employees. The affordability of screen printed shirts makes it possible for any business to have sharp-looking employees who project an image of professionalism.

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