Marketing Your Company Through Wearable Merchandise

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If you’re at home reading this, get up and take a look through your bedroom, particularly your dresser’s drawers and the innards of your closet; if you’re at work reading this, take a look a your personal and communal work space, particularly your desk and the common area (kitchen). Among everything you see, that which is owned either by yourself or by others, how many of these items have some type of logo or label on the front of them, one that is easily visible. It’s likely that the ratio of what features a a logo/label versus what doesn’t is quite unproportionate.

Data shows that consumers — all of us living in the modern world — love using products that have some type of company logo or label on it.

  • 53% of Americans surveyed said that they use a promotional item at least once a week.
  • 91% of consumers state that at least one promotional item somewhere in their kitcen, while 74% have one at their work space and 55% have at least one within the confines of their bedroom
  • The most popular promotional products are wearable, writing instruments, bags, calendars, and drinkware
  • 62% of Americans own 10 or more t-shirts, which amount towards approximately 1.5 billion shirts. If just three of those 10 shirts were promotional, that would make for 450,000 promotional shirts just in 62% of U.S. households

Maybe we use the product because we like the way that it looks; or maybe we use it because we can show our brand loyalty — who we trust more than any other brand. By using or wearing that product, we giving other people a glimpse into our lives, and, for the betterment of the company who made the product, acting as a representative or the company we are repping. Just consider the number of people you see daily wearing Nike clothing, custom snapbacks for athletic teams, or pens from banks and businesses from your area.

Whether it’s a tote bag, custom snapbacks, custom trucker hats, or a custom printed t shirt design, we are providing completely free marketing for a company, simply because we either like the brand or the product. If you’re a small company owner, creating promotional, wearable products is a smart idea, as it makes for an easy way to spread your brand, image, and message, all at a relatively low cost.

Printed T Shirts

Wearing them across their torso, printed t shirts make for an easy way to spread your company’s logo throughout the cities, suburbs, and nature around your business’s area and, quite possibly, the world. If you’re looking for an area that might have designs in mind, or can simply offer the services to print t shirts for you, it is well worth looking into printed t shirts print shops These local, small business embroidery and printing shops can easily create the gear that your customers are looking to get their hands on and wear.

Custom Snapbacks

Compared to trucker hats, snapbacks are all the rage when it comes to modern headwear for the younger generations. If you’re looking for simple to produce and construct custom snapbacks, you should once again consider custom embroidery services in your area, but if you cannot find what you are looking for then it is time to consider seeking the help of hat design websites. These sites are more local to offer a greater selection of variety when it comes to your custom snapbacks, allowing you to create something that is truly unique — meaning that consumers will want it wear it that much more.

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