Make a Contribution to Military Families in Need Through Your Clothing Donations

Charitable donation

Most people in the United States engage in some type of charitable giving. Many of these individuals do so to support their community, including military families in need. When people in the United States donate their items of used clothing to veterans charities, approximately 80% of these items will be given to those in need or sold to assist with program funding.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is an organization that accepts clothing donations to support their programs for military veterans and their families. The Purple Heart is a military decoration awarded by the president to wounded veterans. It is also awarded to service men and women that lost their lives while serving their country in the military.

Every year, it is estimated that 12 million tons of clothing and household textiles are thrown away rather than donated or recycled. Since these items end up in landfills, it points to textiles as having the lowest recycling rate of any other type of material that can be reused and repurposed.

In 2007 alone, however, Americans donated approximately $5.8 billion worth of clothing and related items. While it appears that Americans only recycle or donate 15% of their used clothing every year, this still amounts to approximately 2 million tons. While less than half may be worn again, the remainder tends to be utilized in the following manner:

    Industrial rags: 30%

  • Couch stuffing and home insulation: 20%

Another way that Americans can assist military charities is to purchase previously used clothing and other items at the storefronts run by these organizations. It’s important to note that every year, the average person will purchase roughly 10 pounds of used clothing items, which does make a difference in helping others.

Are you looking for organizations that pick up donations? GreenDrop can pick up your clothing and household textile donations on behalf of veterans charities. All you need to do is gather your items in bags or boxes, and then contact organizations that pick up donations. In addition to helping others in need, you will be keeping these items out of American landfills, which is a direct benefit to the environment.

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