How to Make a Positive First Impression Socially and Professionally

Experiments have been conducted that demonstrate the types of impressions that people make when they first meet someone. Princeton psychologists, Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov, for example, conducted a series of these experiments. They discovered that it only takes a tenth of a second for a stranger to form an impression of a person by looking at their face. When strangers are exposed for longer periods of time, their impressions may be reinforced. Their initial impressions, however, are unlikely to alter very much.

It’s interesting to note that a person can also decide whether or not someone is trustworthy in a tenth of a second. Nonverbal, rather than verbal clues, influence these first impressions more heavily. Studies have demonstrated that nonverbal cues actually impact a person’s impression more than four times as much as verbal clues. This signifies the importance of a person’s overall appearance, including facial expressions, rather than what they say.

When a person is considered to be attractive, it can make a difference when they’re being interviewed for a job. The results of a recent poll showed that when someone is attractive, they have a 72.3% chance to be called back following an interview. If they’re considered to be unattractive, they have a 62.02% chance of being called back. While definitions of attractiveness and unattractiveness do vary, there are a number of steps that an individual can take to improve their appearance. In addition to being well-groomed, the clothes that they wear can also make either a positive or negative impact.

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