Camping Or Archery Which Outdoor Sport Should I Pick Up This Year?

Your health is an ongoing thing. You don’t just feel good or bad 100% of the time.

Despite this conventional wisdom, this doesn’t stop us from trying to feel our best as often as possible. Sometimes this means kicking back with a cup of wine to enjoy a few episodes of your favorite show after a trying day. Other times it means stepping outside of your comfort zone and hanging out with some new people. When you want to incorporate a new physical activity into your lifestyle, there are more than enough options for you to choose from. The world’s a big place, after all, and your personal health regimen will be quite different from your neighbor’s.

Try these ideas on for size next time you think your health could use a boost.


Ah, the great outdoors! There’s nothing quite like breathing in some fresh air with little else but the shining sun and rustling trees to get you in a relaxed mood. Camping is one of the most popular weekend activities in the United States, seeing millions of people heading out to their favorite sites year after year. One study found the average camper going on nearly five camping trips back in 2012. Another study found the majority of trips being taken with friends. If you want a relaxing activity that’s also a great way to get social, look no further than your favorite campground!


Here’s an activity that goes hand-in-hand with camping…hiking up the dusty trail with little else but a water bottle and your sense of adventure! Consumer spending on camping equipment has reached a stunning $2 billion lately, ranging from hiking boots to sunscreen, and this figure is only expected to get higher as people add more physical activities to their lifestyle. Hiking is a great way to lower your blood pressure and build some muscle, particularly if you do it side-by-side with a friend or a loved one. For those that want to wander off the beaten path…


…investing in some archery equipment for beginners is a nice place to start! Archery is a classic art form that has survived the introduction of technology, still holding firm in many people’s hearts as a recreational activity. Not only is it incredibly fun, it’s incredibly good for you! The stress of firing a bow encourages proper muscle development in nearly all muscle groups. This means your shoulders, your chest, your back…all while improving your aim! Archery equipment for beginners can be found at your local archery shop or adventure gear outlet.


Archery equipment for beginners doesn’t sound like such a bad purchase…but perhaps you prefer water over open fields. This is where diving comes into play. While paddling around in a pool can give you a good heartrate going on, diving is a much more involving way of interacting with the water. You can explore the depths of the ocean or test your particular limits, all while improving your health one jump at a time. Swimming is proven to improve your endurance, tone your muscles and reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.


While investing in archery equipment for beginners is exciting and camping out with friends is a great way to get social, sometimes you just need something to help you relax. Fishing is a tried-and-true way of lowering your heartrate and clearing your mind…with a tasty catch to enjoy at the end of the day, to boot! Your fishing gear shop can provide you with all the goods to make sure each fishing excursion is a success, even if you don’t get a single bite. You should have a good tackle box as well as a portable refrigerator to take with you. Additional fishing equipment can include a waterproof rug and blanket for the colder days.

Your mental and physical health could always use a pick-me-up. How can you shake up your self-care regimen this year?

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