How the Black Panther is Changing Superhero Films

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Fans of superhero films have certainly viewed quite a few great releases throughout the past few years. What began with the Avengers has been a modern series of superhero films that have really taken over the world. Unfortunately, many people have felt that the world of African-American superheroes has been severely underrepresented. Statistics show that there are nearly 45 million African-American living throughout the United States. It now appears that these African-Americans are finally able to enjoy a Marvel superhero movie that features a newly introduced character. With that in mind, here is the latest entertainment news in regards to the box office performance and reviews behind the new film, Black Panther.

The Origins of the Black Panther

The Black Panther first began appearing in comic books in the year 1966. Since then, this character has amassed a large following among comic book fans from all walks of life. In addition, the Black Panther is notable for being the first African-American superhero to be featured as the main character within a mainstream comic book.

Recently, fans were introduced to the film version of one of the most well known African-American superheroes, the Black Panther. He would first be seen fighting alongside fellow members of superhero group the Avengers. However, many fans thought that the Black Panther would be a hero that would never be destined to receive his own feature film. Celebrity news websites were happy to post the latest trailers for the Black Panther film before its official release.

How Well This Film Performed at the Box Office

Those wondering how well this film would perform on the box office charts against other celebrity filled movies were quick to find out that making a Black Panther feature film was a great idea. This film opened Friday and was able to draw in an amazing $75.8 million. In addition, this film is the eight largest single day total for the entire movie industry. The Black Panther finds itself contending right alongside some of the most popular Marvel films of all time. Recent industry figures show that the Black Panther had the third largest opening for any superhero movie in history.

Many people were excited to find that the Black Panther would be receiving his own film. In addition, it appears that reviews and what is being said about this film on social media all tend to be quite positive. Many African-Americans feel that they have a superhero movie that adequately represents them. Many superheroes movies throughout the past have been known to feature casts that are majorily white.

To summarize, the latest Marvel film known as Black Panther was recently released around the world. This film is notable for being one of the first mainstream portrayals of a black superhero in a world where many feel that this demographic isn’t being adequately represented. Current celebrity news sites are speculating as to whether there will be a sequel to the Black Panther film. Fortunately, this film has been achieving great box office numbers while attaining large amounts of acclaim. More like this blog.

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