Finding the Right Tote Bags for the Job

Bags are a common sight in everyday life, and they can carry all kinds of items depending on where they are found and what they are made of, and some materials can make for a very strong and durable bag that can be used over and over. Often, shoppers at a grocery store or other retailer will carry their merchandise to their car or a bus may end up carrying their merchandise in a plastic or paper bag, but there may be issues where this is concerned. Some alternatives may include nylon and cotton bags that are much tougher and do not fill up landfills the way plastic bags do, and bags of the more durable kind can be used for other functions, too. While wholesale cotton totes are available for shoppers at a market for carrying groceries, other bags may be useful as gift tote bags at a birthday party, a wedding, or other public event, and gift tote bags can be very attractive and also tough enough to carry whatever is inside them. Heavy duty canvas bags may be large and tough to carry groceries and heavy merchandise, but gift tote bags and custom wedding tote bags may vary more widely in materials and size, not to mention colors and patterns. They can be tailored to fit any occasion and may be more attractive than tough, but if they carry light items, that is all that is needed.

Replace Plastic Bags

Plastic bags for carrying groceries and merchandise are very common for grocery stores and many other retailers, and while certainly convenient, plastic bags have come under criticism for the ecological damage that they do every single year. What is the problem here? They do not break down, meaning that they are non-biodegradable, and this means that they will clog up a landfill or a natural environment for centuries to come, causing a major source of pollution. Plastic bags can choke or tangle up wildlife both on the ground and in water, and a lot of marine life suffers for this. Whales, turtles, and other species mistake these bags for jellyfish or other food and eat them, and these bags may either suffocate them or fill up space in their stomachs, causing them to starve. Plastic bags are also very common, making this problem widespread. Every year, nearly one trillion such bags are used, which figures to two million every single minute that passes.

What can be done? People still need bags, but they don’t have to be plastic. Tough cotton or nylon, or even hemp bags are much tougher than plastic ones and therefore can be reused many times without being thrown away, and these bags are often made of recycled materials or may even be recyclable themselves, meaning that they never end up polluting wildlife areas. These bags can rapidly replace plastic bags, and on a large scale, this can make a serious difference. One person using such bags can remove 22,000 plastic bags from the environment, and if enough American consumers do this, that equates to many millions of plastic bags no longer polluting. These tougher bags have an extra benefit of being stronger than plastic bags and are less likely to tear, making them useful for heavy loads even after repeated use.

Gift Bags

Gift tote bags can be made out of cotton, nylon, or other durable materials, and they can either be purchased from a retailer with pre-set patterns or colors and sizes, or they can even be hand-made or customized with sewing materials and other work to make a more personal gift tote. Gift tote bags may vary in size, and may general be smaller than grocery bags since these bags carry little gifts instead of the week’s shopping. At a wedding, for example, guests can be given wedding favors in these bags, and they may have festive materials or patterns like lace, false jewels, or the day’s date, location, or the bride and groom’s name sewn onto them to commemorate the day’s events. Items in these totes can vary from chocolates to candles to photo frames or even bottles of wine, and the bags will be tough enough to carry these things and more.

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