Essentials You Need For A Winter Holiday Vacation

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If you’re looking to take a fun little holiday trip this winter season, you know you’re going to have to pack all of the essentials. That means a cute dress for going out to dinner, some awesome designer shoes (boots, of course!), a coat, and a great pair of jeans. Sure, you’ll need a toothbrush, all of your makeup, and some soft pajamas, too. Throw in some makeup wipes and a relaxing bath gel to the mix, and you’re all set for your vacation.

When trying to pack, we can easily forget some of the most basic things, which is why keeping a list can really help. If you’re thinking about what to wear for the holidays, this list can definitely help!

1. A nice dress

You never know when you’re going to decide to go to a nice dinner, show, or party. You’re going away to see a place that is not where you readily live, and it can be as extravagant as Greece or Dubai, or as simple as the next town over. Either way, you should be prepared for night out on the town. You want to explore when you’re in a new place, so get out there (dressed appropriately!).

2. A pair of designer shoes

You don’t need a million pairs of shoes when going on a trip. It can seriously way down your bag, and really, there’s just no need. Purchase a pair of some great designer boots before your trip just to make sure your feet stay nice and warm. If you’re going somewhere really cold, pick a pair of knee or thigh-high boots for a sexy way to keep your legs warm while you explore. Designer shoes are definitely a necessity.

3. A coat

Thinking about taking a trip to Europe, or maybe Canada? Many states throughout the U.S. also get very cold during the winter. Be sure to bring a great coat with you in order to stay warm while you’re out on your adventure. There’s nothing that’s more of a buzzkill than being too cold to enjoy the place you came to visit.

4. A great pair of jeans

Did you ever watch the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Everyone knows what a great pair of pants can do for their body, like maybe your stomach look flatter and even hug your hips perfectly, giving you a great hourglass shape. They’re also comfortable to walk around in and are a stylish way to stay warm. If you’re trying to visit a place in style while also being smart about the weather, opt for a great pair of jeans. Steer clear of rips, though, as those areas of your legs will remind cold, which is never fun. Denim skinny jeans look good with just about anything, FYI.

Planning a holiday vacation is such a wonderful and fun experience! Are you thinking about going somewhere this holiday season? Let us know in the comments! Continue reading here.

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