Custom Designed T Shirts Can Get Your Brand Noticed

T shirt printing services

America is a nation of t shirts lovers. T shirts have become an iconic part of classic American style and fashion. Statistics show that 95% of Americans wear t shirts, with 70% of men and 54% of women owning more than ten t shirts. Similarly, according to a recent survey, nine in every ten Americans own at least one t shirt that they will not throw away due to its sentimental value. With that being said, businesses both small and large can gain brand recognition and build brand loyalty by integrating custom designed tee shirts into their overall marketing strategy. T shirt printing services offer unique and engaging designs on custom print tees that are sure to draw attention.

The t shirt industry, including the customized t shirt printing services industry, is booming, as businesses continue to look for ways to get their brand noticed. Statistics show that the t shirt industry grew 24% from 2009 to 2014. As a result, many printing companies have expanded their professional services to include custom t shirt printing services in order to meet growing demand. Custom designed quality printed t shirts make a huge visual impact. Companies that offer t shirt printing services have talented designers that work closely with businesses in order to bring their ideas to life through dynamic designs.

Though social media marketing is the new way to for businesses to reach their customers and is also a key component to branding, so called “old school” marketing tactics such as customized merchandise are still relevant in today’s digital world. For example, statistics show that the promotional products industry’s revenues increased by 4.4% to a whopping $18.5 billion in 2011 alone. By utilizing t shirt printing services in conjunction with digital marketing, businesses can be confident that their brand will be noticed. Links like this.

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