Coach Outlets in California

Outlet store

As anyone who has ever visited a shopping center or a mall could tell you, people love to shop. As any shopper can tell you, people love a good bargain even more. Americans are finding some of those good bargains in outlet stores such as coach outlet stores California to New York and all places in between.

Outlet stores such as coach outlet stores can either be in the form of a brick and mortar building or an online store. In an outlet store, the manufacturer sells the products directly to the consumers. Selling directly to the public saves the manufactures money and the savings are passed along to their customers. It is fairly common for coach outlet stores and other outlet stores to group themselves together to form an outlet mall.

Outlet malls first began to appear in the 1930s in the Eastern United States. Traditionally, factory outlets were stores that were attached to a factory or warehouse. Sometimes customers were able to watch the production process. Originally, factory outlet stores were established to offer damaged or excess goods to employees for low prices. Eventually, the market expanded to non employees too. Today, millions of people across the United States shop at outlet stores.

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