Back To School Is Still In Full Swing! Here Are Four Fun Ideas To Shake Up Your Wardrobe

Back to school is still in season. You’re still adapting to your new school schedule and learning more about both your studies and your personal style.

With fall and winter on the way, changing up your closet is a great way to usher in the new season, too. Does your fashion sense feel a little drab lately? How about some cold weather accessories you’ve been thinking about trying out? The best way to bring out your true potential is to not be afraid to experiment. There’s a lot of fun fashion ideas out there just waiting to be mixed and matched during your schoolweek…all you have to do is reach out and grab them!

Try out these festive and cute ideas next time you go out shopping with your friends.

Did You Know?

Here are some fun facts to get you in the shopping mood. Did you know that the average woman in America will spend $125,000 on clothing and accessories in her lifetime? In other words, you better make that next shopping excursion really count! If you’re a fan of t-shirts, you’ll be pleased to know over 60% of Americans today own more than 10 t-shirts in their wardrobe. Every year sees over 80 billion articles of clothing, from jeans to sweaters, produced and sold around the world.

Knit Beanies

There’s nothing like a classic to make your next purchase easier. Knit hats are adorable additions to any ensemble, whether they’re striped or a bold basic to match your socks. An interesting study found over 60% of American women and girls struggling to find a cute new look on a daily basis. When you want to simplify the process as you’re rushing out the door, add knit caps to your to-buy list. These give off a nice winter vibe and pair nicely with a pair of knitted gloves or a scarf!

Pony Cap

If you’re a little more on the sporty side, a pony cap might be your next big thing. These are perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes when you’re at soccer practice. They can also be tossed on top of a t-shirt and shorts for warmer weather in general. The back to school shopping season has been found to be the second largest seasonal shopping period in the United States, right after Christmas. The pony cap can come in all sorts of fun flower patterns or simple colors to give your outfit more personality.

Knit Shirts

Let’s go right on back to the festivities. Maybe you have more than enough accessories, but want to make sure they’re actually paired with nice tops and bottoms. Clothing accounts for over 55% of the budget for back to school supplies, particularly when it comes to practical wear that’ll keep you cozy on the bus and in class. A knit shirt can come in a button-up or a pullover, perfect for layering beneath your jacket and complimenting your knit beanie. Experiment with different types of knits, like the classic cable knit or the stretchy rib knit.


This last one might just be your next great idea. It doesn’t matter if you love sweater dresses, huge pullovers or simple knit shirts. Leggings are a stretchy and soft addition to supplement your jeans and shorts. Their wide variety of patterns, colors and textures mean you can mix and match with ease. In fact, it’s hard to think of outfits that don’t look good with leggings. Throw them under a pair of shorts, a skirt or a baggy top that you won’t grow into for a few years. The sky’s the limit when it comes to you and your fashion!

Give your closet some breathing room. Check out some of the latest Instagram and Twitter fashion posts and try out a pony cap or mama bear shirt to shake up your look this year.

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