Are You Guilty of These Photo Faux-Pas? The Do’s and Don’ts of Editing

Photo retouching

Today’s photographer has so many incredible tools to edit their photographs into true masterpieces. Just as with capturing the perfect picture, one must create the perfect edit to really bring the photograph to life. Editing is an art from in itself: check out these do’s and don’ts to editing your pictures.
Do ? Get the right software.
For truly professional and beautiful results, you?ll need the right tools. Aside from a good quality camera, you?ll need high quality editing software as well to produce the most beautiful images possible. No matter if photography is a hobby you like to share with family and friends or a potential career, the right tools make the world of a difference. There are several digital photo editing services on the market that vary in cost.
Do – Practice your editing tools as much as possible.
If you choose to invest in editing software, make sure you know how to use it! Follow the tutorials and do research online to learn the ins-and-outs of the program. You won?t get the best results if you aren?t utilizing the tools to their capacity.
Don?t – Go overboard with the filters or presets.
When used correctly, a nice preset filter can add the touch of enhancement a photograph needs. An over saturated image with too many filters will make the image look cheesy and outdated. When it comes to photo editing, sometimes less really is more.
Do – Under edit rather than over edit.
Remember, it?s best under edit so you can gradually add effects and changes as their needed. As stated above, the less is more rule will keep your photographs looking natural. Many photo retouching experts urge people to never make unnecessary edits.
Don?t -Over-airbrush faces.
If you?re editing a portrait, it?s important to remember you?re editing a person, not a Barbie doll. Although you may want to edit out a blemish, you never want to smooth out their skin to their point where you cannot see any texture. This looks plastic-y and fake, not like a warm, welcoming human face.
Don?t – Try to handle a professional job yourself.
When it comes down to it, you may just want to hire a professional photo editing company to do the job for you. Especially with keepsake photographs, you?ll want to leave the photo editing to the pros so that they can create a beautiful image you can admire for years to come. Sure, you can still practice your own editing skills, but a professional will handle the job efficiently and produce amazing, high quality results.
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