3 Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Linens

Renting linens for an event

Your wedding is one of the most beautiful and special days of your life, and you likely want everything to be perfect and in its place. To do this, you need to make a string of decisions that end in cohesive decorations for the big day. A really big part of that are the linens, such as tablecloths. Choosing these is a big decision, as they can really tie together a theme or color scheme. Check out what you should be keeping in mind when you make the decision.

Picking the Right Specialty Linens

The right linens for your wedding depend on your theme or color scheme. For example, blush pink, peach, gold, or any neutral color works great with a vintage, timeless theme. Pastels can also be easily mixed or matched to create the best possible look. The table tops can also be an easy way to play with elements of your design. Different combinations of florals, linens, centerpieces, glassware and even trinkets can give very different looks to your tables!

Picking the Right Company for Wedding Linen Rentals

Wedding tablecloth rentals can be found pretty easily, but picking and choosing between them to find the right one for your event is essential. Besides what linens they offer, you should take into account their referrals, their experience, and their professionalism. Set up a time to talk to them about the event to get a feel for how they may fit into the day for you, and go from there!

To Keep in Mind During the Event

Rental companies generally have policies regarding what is and is not covered in terms of staining and/or rips in the fabric they rent to you. They will clean the linens after the event, and commonly, the policy allows for normal stains such as spilled food or drink and candle wax. During your event, keep the policy in mind, because if anything past what is covered happens, you are responsible for paying the company extra.

Are you in the midst of choosing wedding tablecloths and the like? Did you work with a company for wedding tablecloth rentals already? We would love to hear your experience! Ger more information on this topic here.

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