5 Reasons Why You Need an Adult Pajama Onesie

Adult pajamas onesies

Wasn?t it the best thing in the world when you were little and the weather got cold out because it was finally ? finally! ? time to get out your favorite pair of fleece pajama onesies ?

If only you could find that same comfortable feeling again, right now, as an adult! It?s pretty frustrating that most stores selling onesie pajamas don?t offer adult pajama onesies. And if you happen to be a little self-conscious about your appearance, maybe you still haven?t built up the courage to venture into the kids section at the store to pick up a pair of childrens footed pajamas in the largest size possible.

But why let your fear of being judged inhibit you from finding the most comfortable pajamas you?ll probably ever have? There are plenty of reasons why onesie pajamas are the best, no matter what your age is. Here are just a few:

  • If you?re one of those people who need to wear socks while you sleep, onesie pajamas are your savior. The socks are already attached, so they can?t fall off no matter what!
  • When it?s winter, the temperature is freezing at night. You can either pay tons of money on your electricity bill just to keep the temperature at a reasonable setting while you sleep, or you can zip yourself up in a pair of the warmest PJS ever.
  • If you?re like 84% of Americans today, sharing a bed with another person has no bearing on what PJs you wear while you sleep. It?s all about comfort!
  • Adults are supposed to get around eight hours of sleep every night, but we know it’s hard to find the time to sleep when you’ve got so much to do. The pull of a comfy flannel adult pajama onesie is sure to drag you away from your work and help you get as much sleep as possible.
  • Going to bed as a dragon is easily the best way to fall asleep, and there is literally no argument that can be used against that claim.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of stores that sell adult pajama onesies.

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