Her Wedding Was Perfect How Did She Do It?

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Planning the special day can be a stressful experience. With so many different things to plan, put your mind at ease by choosing a recessional send-off that will put the exclamation point on your wedding night: running through a wonderland of light created by a stunning display of wedding sparklers. Not only will your guests remember the magical atmosphere of your fiery send-off, but the resulting photographs will be something your family prizes for years to come.

So, are wedding sparklers right for your wedding? Check out our guide to indoor sparklers for weddings so you can choose the perfect end for your ceremony:

  • Choosing the Right Wedding Sparkler

    Indoor sparklers for weddings come in different sizes. 10-20 inch sparklers last around two and a half minutes, while sparklers up to 36 inches can last close to four minutes.Traditional sparklers, on the other hand, last only 45 second. Make sure to buy indoor sparklers for weddings as opposed to fireworks store sparklers! For most weddings, 20 to 36 inch indoor sparklers are best, as each guest would only need one lit sparkler for the whole send-off.
  • How Many Sparklers Do You Need?

    To ensure you have enough wedding sparklers, order enough for 75% of your guests and you should be fine. Remember: most weddings average around 136 guests. That means you need at least 103 indoor sparklers for weddings. Having a huge wedding? Make sure to order plenty of indoor sparklers!
  • Indoor Sparker Safety

    Today’s indoor sparklers are totally smokeless, making them safe for indoor use. Nonetheless, it might be a good idea to only let adults use indoor sparklers for weddings, or supervising small children with indoor sparklers. Just take this into consideration: children 10-14 are 250% more likely to injure themselves with indoor sparklers! Let the kids sit this one out, or help them use indoor sparklers safely.

What are you waiting for? Order your indoor sparklers for weddings today!

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