3 Sure-Fire Methods to Picking the Perfect Engagement Rings

Diamond studs

Are you considering taking the next step and proposing to your significant other? The task of selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring can seem a bit daunting, but if you know what to consider, the task can actually be enjoyable!

Understand Their Style – Not everyone is interested in diamond engagement rings. Maybe they are quirky and colorful and would prefer a unique stone like a ruby or emerald, or perhaps a ring without a stone at all. Assess their style by the jewelry they already wear. Is their style flashy? Then perhaps you may consider larger, more popular designer engagement rings.

Establish a budget – Be sure to stick to it! Are they a person with champagne tastes, but you have a limited budget? Halo engagement rings are the most popular style today. A halo means there are small diamonds around the center one. This gives the look of a diamond that is 30% larger. This is a compromise that will make both your wallet and your significant other happy.

Establish Shape – Currently, round diamonds are the most popular shape, with princess and cushion cuts following closely behind. Most people suggest that the shape of their ring is one of the defining factors on the way they feel about their ring. Discovering their shape in taste may require a bit of snooping. Enlist the help of friends and family to help assess the most desirable shape. This ensures you will select a shape they will truly love.

No matter what you select, whether it is a diamond engagement ring, simple band, or unique stone, selecting a ring can be a difficult task. Rely on their personal style, your budget, and family and friends to help you select the perfect diamond engagement ring they will love. Great references here.

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