3 Great Ways to Treat Yourself (And Why You Should!)

Waxing vs shaving

We all want to look our best every day and while we all have different beauty/grooming standards, some of us like to go all out with waxing services, facial services, and hair care services every now and then. It’s nice to feel a little pampered every once and awhile and treating yourself to something special or different can boost your spirits, lift your energy, and leave you feeling glamorous and like a new person! Hair extensions have become more popular recently with celebrities like Demi Lovato and Kylie Jenner using them. For a hair extensions 101 and more about some beauty services you can indulge in, read on!
Hair Extensions 101
Looking for the lowdown on hair extensions? Look no further! If you have shorter hair, but love the look of long locks, consider purchasing some hair extensions! They can transform your look in no time and you don’t even have to wait months for your hair to grow back out! You’ll definitely want to consult with your salon about the different fibers and options, as well as techniques to find the one that will match you the best. After all, you want these extensions to look natural! You’ll also want to consider how long you want the extensions in for, as that will help determine the technique used.
The main three ways hair extensions are put in are the bonded hair extensions , the tape-in hair extensions and weave hair extensions . In essence, bonded hair extensions use heat to secure their hold, tape-in hair extensions are attached to your head using double-sided tape, and weave hair extensions are braided into your natural hair. You’ll want to match the color and texture of your hair to the extensions you’re choosing from. Be sure to treat your extensions as carefully as you would your own hair.
Body hair and hair removal has become increasingly more popular. A survey of over 300 female students from Wayne State University showed that 96% of those surveyed remove body hair. And although waxing has long been regarded as something only women do, there can be some benefits of waxing for men as well. For example, almost 45% of women are bothered when men don’t trim or groom their eyebrows, nose hair, or ear hair. If you’re thinking about hair removal techniques other than waxing, do keep in mind that certain techniques only work effectively on a particular hair color, texture, or skin type. The good news about waxing is that it will take care of any hair color or texture from any kind of skin. One easy answer to your hair removal woes!
Everyone loves a good massage to get the tension out and to feel a little bit pampered. About 32% of people who received a massage between July 2012 and July 2013 got one for relaxation purposes or stress reduction. Massages can also be good in relieving pain! Almost 90% of people receiving massages said that they believed massages were helpful in reducing their pain levels.
Next time you want to treat yourself, consider checking our hair extensions 101 guide as well as indulging in waxing services or a nice day at the spa, complete with massages!

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