Have You Heard Of The Latest Innovations In Custom Designed Clothing?

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As the world has come online in the last decade, the Do-It-Yourself ethos of the 90s has come roaring back with a vengeance. And for DIY crafters and fashionistas, there’s never been a better time to be alive than right now. Plus, new technologies in personalized apparel have opened up exciting new possibilities for those looking to custom design their own clothes.

From the most indie, DIY fashionista to the most button-down office managers looking for custom company shirts, a variety of new trends in custom designed clothing has inspired new options for consumers. So what trends do you need to know about in 2015? Here are the can’t-miss trends in custom, personalized apparel:

1. Not Your 90s Band’s Screen Printing

Screen printing has been an exciting subculture for decades now, with hipsters, bands, and teenagers relying on this fun, DIY technique to design their own T shirts and merchandise. But in 2015, high-definition screen printing has brought custom T shirt screen printing to an entirely different level. For anyone looking for the latest custom printed apparel, high-def screen printing allows for photo-realistic designs to be printed directly onto any style of clothing.

2. Not Just Custom T Shirts

Although high-def screen printing is a recent development in custom printed apparel, custom T shirts screen printing has been around since the early days of the Web. So when many people think about custom printed apparel, they imagine design your own T shirt operations. What they don’t realize is that you can now custom design any kind or style of clothing item you want. With simple online tools, you can design your own hoodies, design custom hats, or craft custom company shirts to set yourself apart.

3. Custom Embroidery, Laser Etching, Applique, And More

Not only can DIY designers make hats, hoodies, and anything else they can dream up, there are cutting-edge new design options available as well. Rather than painstakingly sewing on embroidered patches, anyone can now order custom embroidered polo shirts online. And laser etching allows you to create tone-on-tone designs that weren’t available until recently. Plus, other state-of-the-art options like custom applique creations have never been open direct to consumers until now.

If you want to design eye-popping personalized, custom printed apparel for your friends, team, office, or event, then you’ve never had more possibilities at your fingertips than you do in 2015.

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