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The word “camouflage” probably conjures images of tough, rugged American military personnel skillfully feeling their way behind enemy lines. But the word is apparently derived from the word “camoufler,” which is supposed to mean “blind” or “disguise.” Thus, to those Americans who were ticked off at the French for their stance on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, camouflage is anything but “tough” or “rugged.”

All kidding aside, donning camo clothing can still look tough, but it can also appeal to those who are more into its style more than its machismo. If you need any evidence of that, just take a look around and you can find plenty of camo girl clothing, camo formals, and even camo formal wedding dresses! You can even buy pink camo rifle for hunters and shooters who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

Although the camouflage clothing was originally developed for military purposes, its popularity really began to take off during the mid 1980s. During that time high school kids were sporting everything from Vietnam tiger stripe to contemporary woodland camo. Today, the designs have changed, but dozens of different camo designs are available on more products than ever.

While a pink camo rifle definitely isn’t for everyone, camouflage is no longer worn only by sportsman, military personnel, or adolescents pretending that they’re John Rambo. Whether you are looking for camo seat covers for your truck, camo purses and wallets for your significant other, or camo baby bedding, you can find it from the best source for everything camouflage.

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