Why Watches Are Still One Of The Most Popular Fashion Accessories

Mens wood watches

It can be difficult finding a unique present. All the conventional ones are easy to find and anything overly unique can sometimes be too specific for the person in question. What runs the gamut of interesting and functional? You may want to try a watch. Even in the age of phones and tablets a watch is a classic accessory that can spruce up any outfit and add a sense of class, particularly ones that eschew more common materials in favor of a retro look. For those looking for gift-buying tips or want some industry figures, keep reading below.

How Have Watches Changed Over The Years?

The appearance, build and appeal of watches has gone through significant changes throughout the years. The wristwatch was originally invented by a man named Patek Phillipe back in 1868 — his ‘Platinum Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch’ sold for an impressive $3 million later in 2008 as a much coveted piece of history. Although this was considered revolutionary at the time, devices for telling time were created all the way back in 1500 BC by the Egyptians. Called sundials, these would measure time by the shadow falling in sections across a marked area by the sun. Water clocks would later replace these for their increased accuracy. Nowadays womens wood watches and natural wood watches are commonplace.

How Popular Are Watches?

Contrary to popular belief, watches are still a very popular accessory for many. A recent survey found 86% of people still owning one, if not several, and wearing it on a regular basis. They’re widely considered one of the most classy and old-fashioned accessories and can easily complete any ensemble, be it an expensive suit for a social gathering or a simple business outfit for work. Womens wood watches and mens wood watches are popular alternatives.

How Often Do People Buy Watches?

Watches have maintained themselves as a popular industry in spite of digital advancements. According to ongoing consumer research by Experian Simmons, nearly 42 million Americans bought watches for themselves back in 2011. Just two decades prior an impressive 750 million watches were sold worldwide — this number has since fallen to 440 million 2014, still leading the pack in many sectors despite its drop. Wooden wrist watches, even now, are considered an ideal balance between both worlds.

What Kind Of Watches Do People Buy?

There has been a significant increase in the amount of people who want to buy eco-friendly designs. A majority of shoppers in a recent survey at 61% expressed notable interest in an Apparel Sustainability Rating or Index — one in three of those who don’t regularly consider sustainability in their apparel purchased said they didn’t buy sustainable because it wasn’t available, with one in four saying they don’t know where to purchase these models. Even now Millenials continue to be the most willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings, rising to the top of the pack at three out of four respondents.

What Watches Should I Get?

One of the best things about watches are how personalized they are for the consumer. Womens wood watches are considered a classy spin on a retro item, perfect for a birthday gift or Valentine’s Day present. Wooden watches wholesale have quickly risen to the top of the watch industry as a popular choice, though plenty of more conventional options exist for those that want to keep it simple. Nearly 30% of respondents to a recent survey say they wear a wrist watch not to tell the time, but as a fashion accessory. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, it might be time to go old-fashioned.
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