Where Would You Go if You Had All the Money in the World?

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If you have ever watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette then you have probably seen the extravagant dates that they go on. Maybe you’ve wondered if the bachelor or the bachelorette has to think of themselves or if the owners of the show decide where everyone does. Whatever the case, everyone dreams about those crazy, spontaneous and adventurous dates. Here are a few ideas if you feel like jumping in a private aircraft charter and going to see something.

The Seven Natural World Wonders
If you had your own charter plane service, and you could go see Mount Everest, Victoria Falls, the Grand Canyon, the great barrier reef, the Aurora Borealis, the Paricutin volcano and the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro. Even if you could just fly over these wonders, it would be such an amazing experience to be able to say that you’ve seen that. Besides the seven natural world wonders there are also man made wonders and a whole bunch of other amazing things to see. Keep in mind however that some of the wonders can only be seen at certain times of the year so you would need to make sure that your date lands at the right time of year.

This one has to be included. Taking a private jet to Hawaii is something that everyone should experience. There are several different islands that make up the state of Hawaii so if you have your own plane you could just private jet to Hawaii’s islands and see it all in one trip. The islands are only about a 20 minute flight from each other. Of course, this is not the type of date that you would want to fly over and then come home. You would have to land and spend a day at the beach or do the road to Hana or at least hike to a waterfall. Make it even more romantic by bringing a picnic basket!

Every Continent
If you really wanted to, you could visit every country but that might take a while. Visiting every continent might be a little more realistic as far as time goes. If you only had time with your custom jet charter for certain period, then you might have to decide between the continents. It still takes a long time to fly from one place to another. Even though you have your own jet, your pilot would still have to adhere to air traffic laws. That’s right, just like on the roads, airplanes also have traffic laws to avoid crashing into one another. So, your flights may take shorter because you don’t have to stop as often as a commercial flight but it will still take a while to see the whole world. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to try though as long as you have the plane.

The Second Best Place
Apparently the number one place to see in the world is the great barrier reef but since you already have that on your bucket list of the seven natural world wonders, either look at it from a different position, such as underwater or you could go to the second best place in the world to visit which is Paris. Paris is also known as the city of light mainly because of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Everybody falls in love with the typical French cafes and all the trendy shopping opportunities.

We could all say “if only” but if you really wanted to take a private jet to Hawaii or hike Mount Everest, the only thing stopping you is yourself. All you need to do is save up your money and make your dreams come true. We find time for what we want. If you want something bad enough, you will prioritize it in your life. If all you’ve ever wanted to do is take private jet to Hawaii, then do it! It may require not eating or sleeping while your work yourself to death to save up for it but it will be so worth it! Of course, the above statement is an exaggeration. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself and not becoming obsessive compulsive regarding your dreams! Be balanced and be bold.

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