What’s So Wonderful About Winter?

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If you were to ask any group of people what their favorite season is, chances are you are going to get a lot of responses in favor of summer. It’s hard not to love it, with the warm days perfect for going to the beach, enjoying an ice cream cone, camping, and just about every other outdoor you can think of. You’ll also get those who prefer spring, when everything is blooming and coming to life, as well as those who adore the crisp nights and changing colors of autumn. But, depending on who you ask of course, in general you will likely get the smallest percentage of people claiming that winter is their favorite. The cold just seems to be too much for many people. But those who do love winter are usually the ones enjoying every bit of it, and can likely help you find something to love about it too.

What’s so great about winter?

Yes, winter can be frigid and difficult to navigate. Driving through snow or over ice or in white-out conditions can be horrifying and very slow going. But think of all the wonderful things that winter brings. Bundling up against the cold and heading out for a fun day of ice skating or building snowmen and snow forts that will protect you during epic snowball fights. Snow angels and staying home on snow days. Cozying up to a roaring fireplace with hot chocolate. Holiday cheer and celebrations, ironically wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. The list goes on and on. And that’s not even taking into consideration the snow sports that many people enjoy to stay fit, to liven up the quiet winter days, or for the sake of getting in some quality outdoor activity for those who can’t stand to stay put indoors no matter the season.

Wonderful winter sports

Everyone can enjoy a good sledding hill, and if you are willing to branch out a bit, there are plenty of other fun activities that you can participate in during the wintertime. Many people look forward to the winter months so that they can strap on the downhill skis or snowboards and take to the slopes. A lot of people who enjoy hiking in the warmer months can continue to set out on trails, or rather make the trails, with the right pair of snowshoes or with quality cross country ski equipment. Most sporting goods stores will have a decent selection of ski gear, but there are also plenty of places that offer ski rentals as well, whether you are looking for snowboarding gear or downhill or cross country ski equipment.

Every season has its ups and downs. Spring can be quite rainy, summer brings mosquitos and other pesky insects, fall means the end of beach days and short sleeve shirts. Most people with seasonal allergies will have issues in one of those three seasons. Yes, winter is cold. But it is also incredibly beautiful, and full of adventure, if you are willing to grab your cross country ski equipment, or the tools you will need for whichever activity you decide fits you best, and get out in it!

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