Unbeatable Deals for Consignment Handbags

Designer consignment shops

According to the most recent estimates, the resale industry in the United States generates approximately $13 billion in annual revenue. A considerable amount of resale merchandise is sold on consignment via online consignment stores. Since demand for luxury items at discount prices is always high, online designer consignment shops are quickly becoming a leading source for cheap designer bags, consignment shoes, consignment fashion, and consignment jewelry.

Online designer consignment shops offer competitive pricing on wedding and prom dresses, casual apparel, designer brand footwear, and designer handbags. Because designer handbags remain one of the most desirable luxury items, designer handbag consignment are popular among shoppers who are looking for good deals on the leading designer brands.

When it comes to shopping for designer handbags, there are a few important facts about pricing of which most shoppers are not aware. For example, some retailers have been known to sell designer handbags at prices 10 times higher than the manufacturer’s price! This means that retailers could actually discount their entire designer handbag inventory by 80% and still make a nice profit.

Therefore, a consignment shop could sell a second-hand “Designer X Handbag” that cost $500 brand new for $100 and still make money. In the meantime, a shopper can feel like their getting a steal. Basically, this is how consignment shops work. Since this is only an example, of course, shoppers shouldn’t assume that they will find deals like that on everything. However, many consignment shops will negotiate with customers on certain items, although they will not advertise it.

Designer handbag consignment might be the best-kept secret for fans of the top names in designer handbags. If you or someone you know is looking for a great deal on a designer handbag, buying on consignment might be the best option.

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