Types of Personal Protective Gear

Personal protective gear is safety gear used on jobs where hazards and industrial waste are present. If you work at a place like this, you are required to wear this type of safety gear for your own personal safety. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry so try not to complain to your boss about having to wear the safety gear. He or she is responsible for your protection and he or she could lose their job if they choose to allow you to go without the safety gear. You don’t want to be responsible for someone losing their job so don’t complain and don’t ask to be able to work without the use of this equipment. Keep reading to learn about the different types of personal protective gear.

Head Safety Gear

Wearing a helmet and a foxfury helmet light are both good ideas. It is required to wear a helmet on construction jobs and other industrial type jobs. Helmets can guarantee the safety of your head in case you fall on the job or something heavy falls on you. Using a foxfury helmet light is a good idea because it will help you to see in darkness. You will want to ensure you are able to see very well in the darkness on the job so that you don’t fall over anything and hurt yourself.

Eye Safety gear

Eye safety gear, like eye safety glasses or goggles, will help keep particles that may be in the air from the nature of the job, out of your eyes. It is very important to wear goggles or eye safety glasses so that you will not get anything in your eyes while on the job. Keep those goggles on all day if you have to, to protect your eyes from sawdust, and other foreign chemicals floating in the air.

Hearing Protection

Job sites tend to get loud with a lot of machinery and big tools running. If you work at a place that is noisy, it is highly recommended that you wear hearing protection to save your hearing. If not, you can go deaf either in one ear or both. Prevent this from happening by keeping your hearing protected.

Respiratory Protective Gear

Respiratory protective gear will keep you breathing. Without this protective gear, you may not be able to breathe very well and may pass out. If you choose not to wear respiratory protective gear, your employer may need to let you go.

Wear Hands and Feet Protection

Wearing hands and feet protection is important when working at a dangerous job. Along with the foxfury helmet light, you will need to wear the proper gloves and maybe a pair of brown boots, combat boots, military boots, rocky boots, or even a pair of waterproof boots. The waterproof boots will work well in case you need to walk in the water. Any type of men’s boots will work but try to use the right ones for the job.

Although the average person may walk up to 10,000 steps per day, a laborer or a construction worker may walk about 30,000 steps or more per day. That is a lot of walking!

Did you know, there are three different main types of high visibility safety gear? They include public safety, off-road, and roadway gear.

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