Top 3 Reasons Women Use Hair Extensions

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Women keep the prerogative to change their minds. They change clothes, try new foods, only to try something else next time. Why should hair be any different. With the hair extensions industry, you can change your hair more regularly and more completely. Try out different styles, wear it for a special occasion, or celebrate a new job. With wigs, weaves, extensions, coloring, and styling, your hair options are endless. Here are the top three reasons women use the hair extensions industry.

1. Women go bald, too. The American Academy of Dermatology reports that 40% of women show signs of female pattern hair loss by age 40. This condition can be the result of genetics, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, crash diets, medical conditions, and medications. Wigs can not only enhance a women’s outward appearance, but can affect self-esteem as well. Covering a balding head is important to women and wigs can do just that.

2. Variety is important. On average, women sport 104 different hairstyles in their lives. That’s up-dos, bobs, long hair, medium length hair, different colors, and a whole list of things. If you have short hair and you want long hair, you have to wait for it to grow. But with the hair extensions industry, your wait is much shorter. You can have short hair one day, and long hair the next with a simple visit to your local hair salon and hair stylist. Hair weave or extensions give you more options for your hair with faster and better results.

3. It’s good to change it up. Up to 44% of women change their hair style because they were bored and an additional 61% were looking for a change. This can be common after a break-up or divorce. It can also be a way of looking forward to a new job or challenge. Maybe you are just sick of seeing the same thing in the mirror every day. The hair extensions industry gives you the ability to change from your normal hair to something more interesting, exotic, easier, smoother, or curlier. Pick your new style and let another side of your personality shine through.

The hair extensions industry provides women with the chance to change up their hair more easily and more dramatically than nature might otherwise allow. Pick your hair style to fit your mood. With wigs, weave, or extensions, you can easily change your hair into something you want. Contact your local hair salon about changing your hair.

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