Three Weird Holidays Worth Celebrating in June

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For many, June is the official, first month of summer, but that’s not the only thing worth celebrating. There are tons of other, awesome, wacky holidays, and what better way to observe them than with some cheap custom tee shirts?

Here are just a few super neat holidays coming up worthy of having their own custom tees!

National Doughnut Day.

National Doughnut Day is celebrated the first Friday of June, so it’s coming fast. Dunkin’ Donuts is even giving away a free doughnut to celebrate. Making a custom tee for this day, in particular, is a great idea, so that way you not only get any of your other shirts messy with doughnut frosting, but also so that you can let other people know to go eat some doughnuts.

Best Friend Day.

Best Friend Day is June eighth, and if you love your best friends, you’ll celebrate this day with them. What funnier way of doing so could there be than to get their face(s) on a custom tee? Just be careful, because they may die laughing. The only way it could be better is if they, too, wore a shirt with your face on it.

Flag Day.

Flag Day is June 14th, and is a day for any and all Americans to celebrate and show respect for the nation’s flag, its designers, and its makers. After all, the flag is a symbol of the country’s independence, freedom, and unity. Anyone who’s bursting with national pride should celebrate this day as much as they can.

These are just a few holidays you could make cheap custom tees for. In other words, they’re not the only ones! If you know of any other awesome holidays in June worthy of having their own custom tees, feel free to post them in the comments, and tell us how you’d design a custom tee for that day.

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