Three Tips For Buying High Quality Leather

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If you’re looking to buy a leather item, you aren’t alone. Each year, millions of people find themselves buying everything from leather tote bags for women to leather briefcases for men — as well as plenty of pieces that are favored by both genders. However, leather isn’t the kind of piece you can simply pick up after walking into some random store. Buying leather isn’t like buying knock-off clothing or mass-produced fashion items. You have to be careful when looking for the leather piece you want — and after you have it, you must be sure to care for it following the special steps required of leather. There’s much more that goes into keeping and caring for leather than what may initially meet the eye. Let’s look into how you can find the right type of leather for you — and what you need to do to keep it looking and feeling good as new.

1. Know Your Leather Before Buying

There are many different types of leather on the market — more than you might imagine. This is due to several different reasons. Firstly, there are many different types of animals that produce leather; depending on the animal skin used, the leather may look and feel very different. The type of leather that produces the best tote bags for women may not be the right type for the creation of leather wallets or satchels. As such, you need to know not only the piece you’re looking for, but the type of leather you want. Leather can be broken down into four different categories: full-grain, top-grain, corrected-grain, and split leather. Out of the four, it’s believed that full-grain and top-grain are of the highest quality, making them the preferred choice for the creation of leather jackets, pants, and much more. This leather is usually produced in a three-step process, involving the preparatory stages, tanning, and crusting. You may want to think about the color you want out of your leather. Different colors require different dyeing processes, and some are more effective and long-lasting than others. Tote bags for women, among other products, sustain heavy use and as such require dyes that will be durable. Of course, you aren’t just worried about long-lasting color but long-lasting leather.

2. Know How To Care For Your Leather

Even if you think you’re ready to buy a leather product, you shouldn’t move forward with a purchase until you know how to care for leather. Leather is expensive, after all. Furthermore, the sentimental value behind leather makes it even worse when it fails to last. You’ll need clean hands with which to handle you leather, as leather is susceptible to grease and oils. Clean and condition your leather every six months to avoid water spotting. At the same time, prolonged exposure to places with low humidities can dessicate leather, leaving its composition forever changed. Pieces like leather tote bags for women can be ruined by poor handling, which is especially unfortunate because they’re, in many ways, statement pieces. Unless you plan on taking care of your leather piece, there’s no point in buying it. Nor is there any point in buying a piece that is not actually leather, which is how we come to our next point.

3. Be Careful About Where You Buy From

You need to be extremely careful about where you buy your leather from. Even if you’re in the market for something as simple as leather keychains, a real leather piece will not be inexpensive. With that being said, many frauds have gotten into the leather market. There’s a lot of money in the industry, which means that poor-quality leather or even fake leather is being passed off as high-quality leather. Stay away from street vendors, and certainly steer clear of those offering unbelievable “deals” or showing off tricks that prove how durable their leather supposedly is. Stick with reputable sellers with brick and mortar stores or online stores. If you stick to these tips, you’ll find great leather products in no time.

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