Three of the Most Fun Summertime Sports

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Who said kids are the only ones who get to play summer time sports and wear neat custom tee shirts for uniforms? Here are a few, great, recreational sports leagues you can join that are often around in most areas during summer.


Kickball was a staple gym class, and summer camp game, and when many adults got too old to participate there, they wound up making their own leagues. Every year, tons of people make crazy, cheap custom tee shirts for their summertime kickball league, with such funny names as “Straight Ballin'” “Saved By the Ball,” or “Ace of Second Base.” Best of all, these leagues often let you drink while you play, too.

Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate frisbee is like a combination of handball and football. The whole point is for one team to get the frisbee to the other side of the field and score a touchdown, like in Football. The catch is that you’re only allowed to move three steps when you have the disc. Though leagues are often a bit more competitive than kickball leagues, the games are still a ton of fun. Many of the cheap custom tees made for ultimate frisbee leagues have team names like “Disc Jockeys,” “Frisbeasts,” or “FrisBEEs.”


Naturally, the most serious game listed here is also often the most serious type of summertime rec sport league. That being said, they’re still a ton of fun. After all, what could be more stress relieving and cathartic than trying to pummel a bunch of people with balls? Best of all, these leagues don’t use those awful, destructive, rubber balls that they used to. Instead, they’re much softer. Many dodgeball teams gets custom tees with names like “Sitting Ducks,” “The Artful Dodgers,” or “The Dodgefathers.”

Why should you let kids have all the fun? Get a team, sign up for one of these sports, and make some cool custom tees! If you have any questions about how to design awesome custom tees for uniforms, feel free to share in the comments.

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