The Top Three Exceptionally Helpful Tips for Selecting the Ideal Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond earrings studs

Having to buy diamond engagement rings for that special someone can be difficult. You want to get something of high quality, rather than cheap platinum engagement rings, but not over pay; you want to show her that you love her but not bankrupt your future in the process; and you definitely do not want to get ripped off. But with over 67,000 jewelry stores in the United States, it is difficult to decide on where to go and what to buy.

When the average American goes out to buy diamond engagement rings, they typically spend a little under $5,500. That’s a healthy chunk of change, which is why I included two tips on how to pick out the very best diamond engagement rings:

Do Not Forget the Four Cs: Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity

These four Cs are the most important things when pricing a diamond. The carat of the diamond describes its weight. With all else held constant, as the carat of a diamond increases so does its value. As a rule of thumb, 2 carat diamond engagement rings are pretty standard. The cut of the diamond is also important to its value. The cut of the diamond will determine its glint and the way that it reflects light. The color of the diamond gives the purchaser the ability to decide what style they would like, whereas the clarity represents how transparent the diamond is. A high clarity could reveal flaws in the diamond, so a diamond that is both clear and bereft of flaws is worth a lot more than a less clear diamond which may have hidden flaws.

Do Not Be Afraid to Be Unique

Recently, bachelors have been opting for alternatives to traditional diamond engagement rings. Some have purchased antique diamond engagement rings in place of new ones. These rings offer history and can tell a story that others can not. Another option is to purchase art deco inspired engagement rings these are more ornate then your typical engagement ring and look old fashion even if they are brand new. Some bachelors have even defied tradition all together and instead of opting for diamonds engagement rings decided to purchase their future fiances emerald engagement rings. But whatever you do…

Do Not Be Afraid to Consult With Your Partner

This is a very large investment in joining your future with another person, so it is always very smart to consult with your partner beforehand. After all, it often symbolizes joining your income with theirs, so they may prefer you to spend less rather than more. By discussing the purchase beforehand, you can find out what is and isn’t important to your partner. You may not think cheap platinum engagement rings are suitable, for example, while your partner may be satisfied with cheap platinum engagement rings so long as the wedding ring is of higher quality. It certainly doesn’t ruin any mystique by having this discussion; more than sixty percent of Americans have it! What ring will you buy?

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