The Four Items You Cannot Work Without

High visibility jacket

The decision to wear reflective running gear could save your life. As a worker in a high risk environment, it is crucial that you can be seen by everyone nearby. Too often does a worker become seriously injured, or fatally wounded without reflective running gear. From reflective running gear to respirators, these are the four necessary pieces of equipment which will keep you safe while working.

1. With a high visibility jacket, a worker receives ultimate protection day and night. The luminous material allows one to be seen by everyone nearby, and being seen by those around you is the best way to ensure safety. Without reflective running gear, everything is at risk because if you cannot be seen, you cannot be taken into account. It is wise to also carry 1st aid kits with you on the job.

2. The Bullard hard hat is another great way to be safe while you work. If something should happen, the hard hat will keep your head protected. Safety always comes first. Not only is the Bullard hat a dependable, sturdy piece of protective gear, but it is also made in the USA! Which is rare to come across these days.

3. E.A.R ear plugs will protect your ears in style while within extremely loud construction zones. There are many styles and fits available, making it possible to find the right one for you and your unique needs.

4. Along with reflective running gear, and safety gear, there is a wide variety of respirator cartridges available. Many forms of manual labor can produce harmful dusts and chemicals which should not be breathed in directly. Be sure to have a 3M mask and working cartridge with you at all times in the workplace. There are plenty to choose from. Whether it is the 3M 6001, or the 3m 8511, there is a respirator cartridge and mask that is just right for the conditions of your job.


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