Taking a Look At The World of Drinking In The United States

From womens beer shirts to a drink sling to a device made to carry beer around your waist, there are many ways that you can show off your love of beer here in the United States. And of course, womens beer shirts and the like are by and large not the only type of way that you can show your appreciation for alcohol, even if it isn’t for beer. Instead of womens beer shirts, you might be interested in a Jack Daniels long sleeve shirt. And perhaps instead of womens beer shirts you’ll want fleece blankets that are perfect for drinking a glass of wine when cuddled under.

After all, there is no shortage of love for alcohol here in the United States. In fact, nearly seventy five percent of those who are considered to be a part of the Millennial generation enjoy an alcoholic beverage now and again, and so too do up to sixty five percent of everyone who is at the age of fifty five or over it. Having a nice glass of wine – typically around five ounces for red wine, if you are looking to consume a standard serving of it – or a bottle of beer with dinner is a popular way to wind down after a long day, or to enjoy an evening with your friends.

And there are many occasions, womens beer shirts or officially licensed PBR shirts or no, where drinking is normal on a societal level for many people in many different parts of the country as a whole. For instance, drinking during the holiday season is common, with seasonal beers and warm drinks like spiked cider and hot mulled wine served at holiday and family parties all throughout the winter months. It makes sense too – no matter what your family dynamic, enjoying a moderate amount of alcohol can either help you to get through the day or it can be an experience of togetherness for your family – and sometimes a little bit of both.

Of course, if we’re talking about winter holidays, we can’t forget to mention New Year’s Eve, the holiday that nearly half of all adult women consider to be the biggest drinking night of the entire year. For many, New Year’s Eve is just one big celebration, and having alcohol there is part of that celebration. From womens beer shirts to a tall boy koozie, New Year’s Eve is often also the perfect time to show off your new alcohol related gifts that you received during the holidays just a week or so earlier.

And there are even more holidays celebrated with alcohol here in the United States. For men, St. Patrick’s Day tends to be a huge drinking holiday if not the number one drinking holiday – especially in cities where there is a considerable Irish population and presence, such as in the city of Chicago (though you certainly don’t need to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, as many revelers of the holiday will tell you). Many people celebrate this day with bar crawls, while others join in – often drunkenly – in the St. Patrick’s Day parade that takes place in their area.

But no matter what your drinking habits might be and what you like to personally celebrate with alcohol, it is incredibly important that you avoid binge drinking. Binge drinking is classified differently for men and women, due to the relative size difference between the two sexes. For women, binge drinking means drinking four or more drinks within a mere two hour period, while binge drinking for men refers to the consumption of five or more drinks in that same period of time.

But for men and women alike, binge drinking can prove very dangerous. It most certainly puts you at risk for alcohol poisoning which, in some cases, can prove to be life threatening. And binge drinking can also lead to the increased likelihood of developing an alcohol dependency or even full blown alcoholism. For everyone who likes to drink, responsible consumption of alcohol is key, as is responsible wearing of the womens beer shirts and other such products.

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