Rick Perry Puts His Mugshot on Custom Tees in Campaign Maneuver

Tee shirts custom

Though some might have thought that Texas Governor Rick Perry would shy away from his felony indictment, the 2016 presidential hopeful is using it as a campaign gimmick, slapping his mugshot on cheap custom tee shirts.

The white, custom tees show his black and white mugshot with a red “WANTED” stamped above. Below the picture, the cheap custom tees read “(FOR SECURING THE BORDER AND DEFEATING DEMOCRATS!)”

On the back, the custom tees show the mugshot of Rosemary Lehmberg, the Democratic prosecutor at the center of his felony indictment. She’s disheveled and a little uneven in the picture. Similar to the front of the custom tee, there’s a big red stamp that reads “GUILTY” with the tag line “DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED AND PERVERSION OF JUSTICE” below it.

Political commentators are saying that the shirts are a tactic meant to make it look like he’s being attacked by Lehmberg.

They’re also noting the shirt’s mention of secure borders. In his last presidential run in 2012, Perry was a bit squeamish about the topic of illegal immigration. Following the example of his party, which has moved even farther right on the topic, the shirts are meant to show that Perry is tough on illegal immigration, and has taken a strong stance against illegal aliens.

However, what’s most interesting about the shirts is the fact that they’re trying to spin his indictment to bolster support for his presidential campaign. Considering the fact that it’s abuse of power he’s being indicted for, one would think that logically a presidential hopeful would want to distance himself from such allegations.

Yet, there the shirts are, available for purchase at just $25 a pop. More on this topic. Read more blogs like this.

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