Pajamas You Didn’t Know About – From Animal Footed PJs to Plus Size Onesies for Adults

Pjs for adult

Do you have enough sleepwear for your slumber? Chances are you may be one of the 61% of adults who say they don’t have enough pajama options to choose from. Some people don’t like to wear pajamas. Eight percent of people surveyed say they sleep in the buff, and another 18% wear something besides pajamas to bed. However, that could also mean a simple lack of creativity on their part.

If you’re on the search for new “jammies,” you may want to try these three options on for size:

  • Animal Footie Pajamas: At the South by Southwest Festival in 2012, a dance party was held that became the largest of its kind. That’s right — the dancers were all dressed in animal onesie pajamas for adults. Animal footed pajamas are a cute and cozy way to stay comfortable as you sleep. Cows, pigs, cats, dogs, rabbits, and other favorites are among the most popular styles.
  • Hoodie PJs: Did you know you can also get pajamas with a hood attached? Whether you find a great hoodie or a pajama onesie with a hood attached, this is a great way to stay comfortable during the cold winter months. The hood can also keep your head warm as you sleep.
  • Plus Size Onesies for Adults: Some people may have trouble finding a great pair of pajamas in their size. If you’re one of them, then you may think you can’t wear comfy footed pajamas. But you’re wrong! Onesie pajamas are becoming popular for adults of all sizes. If you want pajamas with or without feet and with or without a hood, you can see if they have plus size onesies for adults in your size or custom order a pair to your dimensions.

Want more great pajama options? Need to share your favorites with us? Tell us in the comments below.

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