Online Stores Could be More Popular Than Physical Ones

First impressions are incredibly important. They happen in approximately one-tenth of a second. That’s why it’s important to consider what you’re wearing regularly and what kind of message it conveys about you. These impressions can really make a difference, with everything from your trustworthiness to sometimes even your candidacy for a job being on the line.

Personal style is a matter of taste, but some styles are entirely based around one specific look. One such example is the skater style, usually encompassing jeans, graphic tees, and baseball caps. Skateboarding shoes are also an important feature of the look, and probably the most expensive, typically ranging between $50 – $100 for one pair. However, the most expensive piece of this style would be the skateboard itself.

Here’s a fun fact. Only approximately 3% of skateboard sales are reported to be in sporting goods stores. With millions of people saying that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis, where are they getting their skateboards from? Almost 80% of skateboarders say that they would rather shop at smaller specialty brand stores than top name brands. And while this seems to be counter-productive (what skater doesn’t want to sport some Birdhouse products to support the legendary Tony Hawk) it actually makes for an interesting business market.

Online apparel stores are a great source of business when it comes to the skater crowd. In fact, it is estimated that completely online stores may actually do better profit wise than physical stores when they’re marketed the right way. Finding the perfect item you’re looking for can cause someone to buy supreme online deals. This can include skater items like gear and hats, or it can be something as simple as bags for men since there isn’t a large market for them in physical stores.

This is the kind of impression that you want to show others. That you’re innovative and unique. You’re willing to scour the web and buy supreme online items that no one else has. This will leave the right kind of impression regardless of where you’re going. Having something uniquely your own that can’t be found in a physical store will set you apart from the crowd.

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