More People Are Embracing This Comfy Pajama Style for Sleeping in — and for Dancing, Too!

Men footed pajamas

On March 11, 2012, Steve Pandi, the founder of Jumpin Jammerz, hosted a party at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, TX. A party at a music festival is nothing new, but this one set a Guinness World Record. Why? All 309 attendees were dressed in adult footed pajamas, so the event became the largest footed pajama party ever.

Most people, however, don’t go dancing in their PJs, but the majority do wear them to bed. Seventy-four percent of people surveyed said they wear pajamas to bed, whereas 8% sleep in the buff and the rest wear something else to bed. But it’s not just traditional pajama sets that many people like to wear. A growing trend, like the one at South by Southwest, is footed adult pajamas, including onesie pajamas for adults.

You may remember wearing onesie pajamas for kids when you were a child. Today, that same level of comfort is available for adults, too. Approximately 61% of people surveyed said that they didn’t have much to choose from when it came to their sleepwear. For those who don’t have enough PJs to choose from, why not add onesies to the list?

One advantage is that footed pajamas for adults come in all sizes, including plus size onesies for adults. They’re also available in a variety of colors and patterns. For fabric, everything from lightweight cotton jersey to warm and cozy flannel and fleece are options to choose from. Styles for pajama onesies also vary; some brands offer footed pajamas in addition to footless onesies, and certain styles also have hoods for extra warmth and comfort.

From footed pajamas with hoods to plus size onesies for adults, there’s no excuse not to embrace comfort. Would you wear onesie pajamas? Tell us in the comments.

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