Know the Risks Of EMF Dangers

Cell phone radiation blocker

There are risks all around us every day, some more obvious than others. One of the more hidden dangers that exist is emf dangers. From laptop radiation, wifi radiations, and cell phone radiation, people of all ages are exposed to emf dangers on a regular basis. Wondering how to protect against emf dangers? A good place to start would be to become more aware of your surroundings and habits.

Perhaps what’s most scary about emf dangers is how few people are aware of the risks of EMF. Since 2006, the number of cell phone users rose from 2 billion to 6 billion, exposing more and more people to emf dangers. But what kind of dangers does chronic exposure to emf pose? For starters, short term emf exposure has been shown to cause headaches, irritation, and concentration in school among adolescents between the ages of eight to 17. In terms of chronic exposure, a 2012 study found that physiological stress increases in cells after only 1.5 years. Other dangers include decreased sperm viability from wi-fi level laptop exposure and even mothers who use cell phones while pregnant risk giving birth to children with emotional problems, hyperactivity, conduct problems, and social problems.

Unfortunately, not all emf dangers exist in home appliances or mobile devices. Cell towers are a huge source of emf dangers, and they’re spreading throughout communities in the U.S., including near pre-schools, daycare centers, churches, and school campuses. This means that children are some of the most exposed members of our society. In fact, it’s estimated that children today have 1,000 times higher radiation exposure at home and school than they did 20 to 25 years ago. So, how to protect against emf dangers? Alarmingly, little is being done to protect our children, even though many public safety officials have concluded that the existing safety limits for EMF were outdated and inadequate at protecting the public. In fact, they admitted that new safety guidelines were needed five years ago!

You’re likely still wondering how to protect against emf dangers. Unfortunately, technology continues to evolve, emf dangers are likely to stick around. This means that for years to come we will continue to see symptoms of emf exposure in everyone from children to the elderly, and everyone in between until technology evolves enough to create effective emf blockers to shield this danger from society.

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