In New Spa Treatments, Beauty and Wellness Go Together

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Beauty and wellness go together. It’s a very simple equation: when you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. The reverse is also true. That’s why salons and spas are putting the two together, and providing clients with a soothing, relaxing, and even therapeutic environment along with regular beauty treatments like microdermabrasion, makeup and false eyelashes. This change has made spa services more popular than ever before, with millions of clients every year.

The eye of the beholder
If it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then women are the most critical beholders. Most women can find flaws in themselves, which may be completely invisible to others. In fact, a study by Dove found that only 4% of all women worldwide think of themselves as beautiful. Clearly there’s a problem of self-perception, and the best way to approach it may be from the other side of the equation.
Which is to say, from the vantage point of wellness, focusing on what makes women feel beautiful. Confidence, a healthy complexion, sunshine, false eyelashes, a perfume that exactly matches your style – the list of things that contribute to a sense of wellness is a long and complex one. Feeling beautiful, whatever the source of the feeling, is the key to looking beautiful. Spas and beauty salons are starting to put it all together, and to focus on wellness as well as beauty.

Skin care and wellness
Spas and beauty salons now focus on relaxation and therapeutic services like massage as well as beautician and aesthetician services. Indoor plants, soothing music and the sound of running water are all used to create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere. The added features have made spas more popular than ever and led to an exponential growth in the number of people visiting spas. In 2016 alone, this added up to over 179 million people visiting spas for various services.
Skin care is one area where the connection between beauty and wellness is especially evident. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and the way to achieve it is through healthy living as well as spa services like facials, peels and scrubs. Diet, exercise and enough sleep are all necessary to maintain a glowing complexion. This produces the kind of confidence that can spin off into other areas of your life as well. And it may be enough to satisfy the toughest critics, the women themselves.

Spas and beauty salons now recognize that beauty and wellness go together and offer services geared towards both. This means that they have added therapeutic massage to regular salon services. Even regular beauty treatments like facials, peels and false eyelashes are carried out in an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation. This change also accounts for the increased popularity of spas in recent times, with millions of visitors each year.

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